The Benefits of a Global Fraud Protection Team of Professionals

A Global Fraud Protection Team of Professionals can help organizations protect their sensitive data from fraudulent activity. These professionals have access to training, resources, and expertise to detect and prevent fraud. They also keep up with emerging trends and threats. Whether you’re dealing with a large company or a small start-up, the following tips can help you protect your data. Read on to learn more about the benefits of fraud protection professionals.


Kount’s Professional Services include the access to fraud experts who can optimize fraud policies, solve complex fraud challenges, and improve business operations. The fraud experts work closely with all business stakeholders, including the compliance team, operations team, and regional groups. Their goal is to protect your business from fraud, while allowing you to focus on core business functions. To achieve this, your fraud function should have access to the expertise of global fraud protection professionals and collaborate with other teams to develop a comprehensive fraud prevention and detection plan.


If you’re interested in improving your knowledge of fraud prevention, it’s a good idea to invest in a certificate in fraud protection. This training is a proven way to mitigate the risk of corporate fraud. You’ll learn the three main elements of fraud and how to spot them. You’ll learn how to spot red flags and fraud typologies, and how to implement controls to minimize fraud. The course will also help you build a culture of personal responsibility and accountability, and encourage you to report cases of gross negligence.

Depending on the level of education you need, you can choose to attend the training on-site or virtually. For general applications, you can choose an E-learning course and an electronic study guide. Both types of training are available online through the ACFE’s member portal. The examination is offered around the clock, and you can also opt for in-person proctoring via Pearson Vue. ACFE certification courses cover cyber-crimes, fraud, tax evasion, and terrorist financing.


The Global Fraud Protection Team of Professionals has several resources available for its members. Its members are experts in fraud management, risk management, and cybercrime, and it includes members from various industries. These professionals discuss the latest trends, best practices, and industry intelligence. They also provide case studies and educational content to help their colleagues. The team also hosts webinars and whitepapers. Listed below are some of its resources.

ACFE Group Training: This online course offers a wealth of information on all aspects of financial fraud, including money laundering, counterfeiting, anti-terrorism, and internal fraud. The ACFE’s monthly podcast, Fraud in the Financial Services Industry, provides valuable insights from industry experts and breaks down case studies to help its listeners develop effective fraud prevention strategies. The ACFE’s Fraud Magazine features timely articles and fraud examination techniques.


The global fraud landscape is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. Organizations are seeking to increase their profit by digitizing products and services. But fraudsters are always on the lookout for new ways to exploit new vulnerabilities and attack companies. According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the following trends in fraud prevention will shape the future of the anti-fraud industry. This report provides a snapshot of current fraud trends.

According to Interpol, there will be a pandemic of cyber-attacks in 2020. This will occur as criminals take advantage of the increased number of digital devices and networks. These attacks will disrupt businesses, steal data and make a profit. In fact, Interpol reported that fraud detection solutions have detected 48,000 malicious URLs, 737 malware incidents, and 907,000 spam messages. The rising number of cyber-attacks will increase the demand for fraud detection and prevention systems.


The fight against cybercrime demands specialized information hubs and coordination on an international level. The efforts of private sector companies and law enforcement agencies will benefit from a global alliance, which would provide the scale necessary to combat the threat. Global fraud protection requires significant technical skills and capabilities, which LEAs have not yet developed. In addition, LEAs lack the resources and scale required to compete with private sector organizations.

Close Thoughts

Cybercrime affects businesses and consumers of all types and causes a wide range of harm. It may include a variety of online scams, including identity theft and internet fraud. It can also include personal information such as bank account numbers or passwords. Because of the increased speed, convenience, and anonymity offered by the internet, it has become easier for criminals to commit financial crimes. These types of attacks also affect personal and social networks, including cyberstalking and bullying.

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