Monoprice 110010 review, features

This multifunctional Monoprice 110010 Headphone is a great value. You may play games, watch videos, or finish work without leaving the house. The microphone does a good job of picking up your speech, and the sound quality is excellent. This is a great deal for the money.

This headset is an excellent choice for those who want to save money while getting high-quality sound. Although their cheap pricing made me wary initially, I ended up loving these headphones after using them for only a few weeks.


The 110010 headphones are no exception to Monoprice’s reputation for producing high-quality goods at low prices.The 110010s reproduce both low and high frequencies faithfully and in a balanced manner. These headphones are great for listening to pop, rock, and hip-hop since the mids are subdued yet still detectable.However, the 110010s are not the best choice for music with rich textures, such as classical or jazz, so listeners may wish to search elsewhere.

The headphones include a robust cable and a sturdy headband, so they should handle some rough use. The soft ear cushions are a welcome addition for extended listening. You can’t beat the price/quality ratio of the Monoprice 110010s. These headphones are a good option if you’re on a budget but want to maintain sound quality and comfort. You should buy this and enjoy during work or playing video game on gaming laptop.

Pros and cons

Headphones are only one of several low-cost electronic items produced by Monoprice, a well-known and respected brand. If you’re on a budget and want a set of headphones that won’t break the bank, the Monoprice 110010 is a great choice.

They don’t have every feature found on more expensive models, but they provide excellent sound quality and a snug fit at a low price.

Of course, the Monoprice 110010 headphones could be better. However, they do not include active noise cancellation; thus, there may be better choices for usage in loud areas.

There have been reports of durability problems and complaints that the headband could be comfier (though this seems relatively rare).

However, if you’re looking for inexpensive headphones, they are still a great option.


When it comes to reasonably priced gadgets, Monoprice is a go-to source. In this regard, the Monoprice 110010 headphones stand out from the crowd by providing high-quality audio for a fraction of the price of more prestigious brands.

The 40mm drivers in these over-the-ear headphones provide full, clear sound in a snug, comfortable package. Because of their closed-back construction, they perform very well in loud conditions. A 1/8″ jack and a gold-plated 3.5mm converter are supplied so that you may use it with any of your existing audio gear.

The Monoprice 110010 is a wonderful set of headphones if you’re looking for a set that won’t break the bank but won’t skimp on sound quality.

This closed-back, over-ear headphones use 40mm drivers to provide full, clear sound while isolating the listener from ambient noise.

They include a soft ear cushion and an adjustable headband, making them suitable for long durations of usage. The Monoprice 110010 is a great option for music lovers on a tight budget who want high-quality sound, whether at home or on the move.


Considering their low cost, the Monoprice 110010 headphones provide exceptional sound quality. They fit snugly and provide high-quality audio for listening to music or playing games. The microphone is simple and effective, making it ideal for virtual conversations.

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