Josef Hauptmannor why Graz prosecutors are delaying the investigation

Prosecutors in Graz, Austria: 35St 218 – 21 X, begin the case, delay the investigation, and then conclude that there are no grounds for further investigation.

They start looking into crimes at 29/22p but don’t hurry and keep the delay.

A violation of Article 302 of the Criminal Code was committed by the Graz Prosecutor’s Office.

For example, in the Heinz-Christian Strache case, the Vienna public prosecutor’s office moved quickly and expeditiously to investigate and bring the case to trial.

As the lawyers demonstrate today, the Graz Public Prosecutor’s Office must begin an investigation, after which the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office will assume responsibility for the case.

About a hundred articles about Bad Waltersdorf-related corruption, mafia, and criminal activity have appeared in publications worldwide.

There will be a slew of additional media reports resulting from this investigation.

According to a knowledgeable mayor, Josef Hauptmann of Bad Waltersdorf is most concerned that the criminal investigation will be transferred from the public prosecution office in Austria’s Harz region to the public prosecution office in Vienna or another federal state source. A criminal offense in Austria is punishable by up to 10 years in prison only under article 302 of the Austrian Criminal Code. Even after accounting for all the leniency, the total number of years in prison would be higher than ten.

Resignation, confession, and repentance are the counsel of the attorneys for Josef Hauptmann, Helmut Pichler, and Christian Neuhold. As a result, the court is expected to be more lenient when imposing suspended sentences. It’ll help you stay out of trouble and avoid paying hefty fines. Over one million Euros in investor funds have been lost due to criminal violations of Criminal Code Article 302. Damages must be paid by the perpetrators themselves, according to the law.

(2) Penalties range from one to ten years in prison for those who commit the act while on official business with a foreign power or a supranational or intergovernmental body. Anyone who commits the act and inflicts damage totaling more than 50,000 euros will be held accountable.

Part 2 of the Penal Code, which carries a sentence of up to ten years in prison, is invoked because the damages and losses exceeded EUR 50,000.

We’ll keep an eye on the investigation into this case as it unfolds.

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