Earning Crypto Outside the Exchange

You might be familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges, but what about earning crypto? Sure, you can earn a profit from the exchange by buying and selling with meticulous timing, but what if there were ways to boost your crypto wallet from other sources too? As it happens, there are plenty and we are going to discuss some of them next.

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Crypto Gaming

Crypto games are non-fungible tokens that are often incentivized with crypto by their respective developers to both boost their player count and the amount of time each player spends playing their games. For example, you can earn crypto by just playing the Cyber City game and earn even more by completing in game achievements. Your rewards are paid out in cryptocurrencies and if a crypto game becomes really popular, you will be able to earn even more crypto by selling the exclusive in-game NFTs.


Now, before we get started on this one, it should be mentioned that earning a profit from mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is quite a difficult proposition in 2022. The mining rigs are extremely expensive, and they gulp down electricity like nothing else. On top of that, cryptomining the established crypto coins will only become even less financially feasible down the line. Nevertheless, if you have the financial and technical knowhow to setup a few bitcoin-mining rigs, then it can still be profitable for a short while longer at least.


NFTs are not cryptocurrencies but they are intricately connected to the crypto economy. Non fungible tokens are exclusive digital items that are bought and sold using crypto for the most part. They include crypto games, in-game characters and items, digital artwork, GIFs, and much more. However, NFTs are viewed as risky assets, which means that your investments in them may or may not payout, depending on where you are investing. Then again, that’s pretty much the rule of investment in general, be it stocks or mutual investments.

Accept Crypto Payments

If you have a business online or offline, you can start earning crypto by simply adding crypto as a viable payment option for your customers. If you are a freelancer, offer the same opportunities to your clients. Be selective about which coins you do accept though. Bitcoin and Ethereum are comparatively safer choices of course but be ready to ride the high volatility which they are famous and infamous for.

Use Crypto Faucets

There are plenty of apps across every major mobile and desktop platform that will let you earn crypto coins through them. Crypto faucets in particular are a way to earn crypto for free/minimal investments, but at a very slow rate. After you download, install, and open an account on a crypto faucet, you will be asked to complete certain tasks. These tasks usually involve downloading, running, and/or playing games and other applications.

Other than that, there will be surveys to complete, ads to watch, feedback forms to fill up, and the list goes on. It’s not the fastest or productive way to earn serious crypto of course, but it can continue to boost your crypto wallet in small amounts for a long time to come.

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